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Office Return Acceleration
Overview & Estimation Call

Office Return Acceleration
Overview & Estimation Call

Office Return Acceleration
Overview & Estimation Call

Topsail Advisors
Background & Experience

Topsail Advisors recognizes that each organization has a unique set of needs & objectives related to their current and future work model and how their workplace can best support it. 


We understand the importance of listening first to clearly understand your goals, objectives, culture, and constraints.  

We are advocates for the power and potential that intentional and intelligently planned in-person interaction can have for an organization and its teams. 


We believe that the emergence and acceptance of Hybrid Work Models represent an opportunity for leading organizations to reduce expenses while developing a competitive and strategic advantage across Recruitment, Retention, and Employee Engagement.




John Wichmann is the CEO of Topsail Advisors and the creator of the Balanced Hybrid™ a proprietary strategy and planning service to help executive teams quickly identify and implement a tailored hybrid strategy that aligns with the interests of their associates and leaders while supporting culture, connection, and the overall success of the organization.

Before Topsail Advisors, John was co-founder and COO of a workplace management software solution that launched 6-months before the start of the Covid pandemic in early 2020.  Responding to this unexpected event, John led the organization's pivot strategy, first to support the safe return-to-office and then to address the emerging needs around hybrid work.  These rapid innovations were nationally recognized, including a May 2020 story in Inc. 


​John is a leading voice and advocate for effective hybrid models that leverage the remote work learnings from the pandemic to "Make work better than before.”.  Through panels, webinars, and directly, John has spoken to hundreds of organizations about hybrid/flexible work models and the importance of intentionally designing them to meet the unique needs of the organization and its teams.


​John’s career combines extensive experience in both SaaS software and consulting, covering various industries and organization sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

A Boston area native, John has called Atlanta home since attending Georgia Tech for Industrial & Systems Engineering.  He is a supporter, investor, and active participant in the Atlanta technology and start-up community and currently serves on the board of Technology Executives Roundtable.

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