Topsail Advisors recognizes that each organization has a unique set of needs & objectives related to their current and future work model and how their workplace can best support it. 


We understand the importance of listening first to clearly understand your goals, objectives, culture, and constraints.  

We are advocates for the power and potential that intentional and intelligently planned in-person interaction can have for an organization and its teams. 


We believe that the emergence and acceptance of Hybrid Work Models represent an opportunity for leading organizations to reduce expenses while developing a competitive and strategic advantage across Recruitment, Retention, and Employee Engagement.



Founder and Managing Partner

With over 20 years in consulting and technology, John has worked with organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries to unlock value and capitalize on opportunities.

Most recently, John was a co-founder, COO, and investor in Maptician, a cloud based Workplace management solution.  The product launched in late 2019 to drive improved workplace visibility and analytics. 

Within weeks of the COVID-19 lockdowns in March 2019, John was working with organizations to plan and implement staged and safety focused Return-to-Office strategies with some starting as early as May 2019. 

As remote work settled in and sustained productivity was proven out, the focus shifted to designing and implementing Hybrid Work Models to take advantage new remote work capabilities and align to the changing expectations of employees for more work location flexibility.

Through Panels, Webinars, and direct interaction, John has spoken to hundreds of companies on topics ranging from Return-to-Office, Hybrid Work Models, and future office strategies to increase employee engagement and improve retention, while still realizing cost reduction goals related to real estate costs per employee.


In addition, John has worked directly with over 40 organizations over the past 18-months to plan and implement their Return-to-Office and shift to Hybrid Work Models.  These organizations, ranging from 100 to 2000+ employees and from 1 to 50+ offices, collectively represent over 15,000 employees and over 150 US and internationally located office locations.

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