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Is your approach to flexible working helping your organization to...

Create experiences worth coming into the office for?
Attract top talent and improve retention?

Energize your culture and foster innovation?
Provide hybrid flexibility without inconsistency?
Utilize offices & workstations efficiently? 
Reduce real estate costs?

It should.  We can help.

Hybrid Planning & Rollout Assistance

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Answers & Insights

We have the background, experience, and tools to help you answer key questions and gain critical insights. 

Answers & Insights

Office Return & Hybrid Approach

  • How can we get our associates to want to return to the office

  • What is the right amount of in-office vs. remote days for each team or role?

  • Are we asking the right question to align our hybrid approach with the needs of both our people leaders and our associates

  • We grew during the pandemic and now have more people than seats in our office(s).  Is hoteling our only option?

  • How can we gain better visibility to how often our office(s) are being used and by whom? 

  • Do we need to implement Workplace Management Software?

  • How can we adapt our hybrid program so that it helps to reenergize culture and innovation, rather than detract from them?

  • How can we make it easier for our associates and our teams to coordinate working together in the office?

  • How can we give our associates visibility to who is working in the office on a given day or on a future date?

Culture, Connectedness & Innovation

Attracting & Retaining Talent

  • How can we make our Hybrid strategy stand out from our competitors and provide us with a recruiting advantage?

  • How can we identify associates who may be a higher risk for attrition?

  • How do we ensure that our new associate onboarding is effective and impactful in a Hybrid environment?

Space Planning & Cost Savings

  • What is my effective capacity of my office(s) using Hybrid?

  • How can I project & report on cost savings due to our Hybrid approach?

  • Can we afford to upgrade our office environment?  

  • How can we leverage software to help us better manage and use our office space & seating?

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Assessments, Modeling, and Solutions

Rather than only offering large engagements, we have modularized our solutions, assessments and tools to allow you focus on what you need most, when you need it.

Solutons & Tools

Highlighted Solutions

Balanced Hybrid Assessment-lg.png

Leveraging the foundational principals of our research backed Balanced Hybrid approach, this assessment includes a review of your current goals and objectives and the steps taken to date.  The assessment includes an initial call to review objectives and market trends, select interviews and surveys, and data analysis.  The resulting insights and recommendations are compiled into a written report and reviewed in a review and discussion call.  

Office Return Acceleration Strategy & Planning.png

Taking a 360-degree approach, and leveraging our Balanced Hybrid approach, the Office Return Acceleration engagement incorporates surveys, interviews, and proven hybrid return success strategies to iteratively design, test, and evaluate strategies to attract associates back to the office with a balanced hybrid approach and focus on the in-office experience of associates.

Balanced Hybrid Assessmen

Assessments, Modeling, and Analysis 

Office Return Survey & Approach Feedback

A survey designed to dive deeper into why associates are, or are not, choosing to come into the office.  Additionally, the survey tests ideas and approaches proven effective at other organizations to elevate employee interest in a Hybrid return to office.

Office Use Analysis & Reporting

The Office Use Analysis provides consolidated insights, across offices, of how many people are coming into your office(s), and how often.  The analysis output includes trends & key analytics, and allows drill down by location, area, department, team, or person. 

Hybrid Capacity Analysis & Modeling

A capacity analysis that models how many associates an office can support following your approach to hybrid and related seat allocation guidelines. Includes option for “what if” analysis to adjust hybrid approach parameters and compare the resulting capacity.

New Office Seating & Conference Needs  

For organizations considering a move to new space, or a reconfiguration of their current space, this analysis models the needed number of Office and Workstation seats based on your hybrid appraoch, as well as the estimated conference room needs based on key inputs gathered during the analysis.

Hybrid Cost Savings Analysis

If not well defined and managed, it can be difficult to identify when cost savings can or will be realized, and how much those savings will be.  The cost savings analysis will project savings based on both your current hybrid approach and provide a comparative analysis to other approaches. 

Engagement & Retention Risk Analysis

A data analysis incorporating multiple factors to identify associates that may be at higher risk for attrition.  

Contact us for more information or to schedule a call to receive a custom quote.

Strategy & Planning Solutions

Balanced Hybrid Strategy & Roadmap.png

Combining your organizational objectives & priorities with internal stakeholder inputs, the Hybrid Strategy & Roadmap engagement provides you with the insights, approach, and plan to rollout a hybrid model that fits with the unique needs of your group or organization.

Taking a 360-degree approach, the Office Return Acceleration Strategy engagement incorporates surveys, interviews, and proven hybrid-return success strategies to design, test, and refine strategies to attract associates back to the office with a balanced hybrid approach and a focus on the in-office experience of associates.

Workplace Management Software.png

A hybrid-capable and easy-to-use Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) can be the foundation for effective management of a hybrid work model.  Combining a clear understanding of your identified needs with IWMS expertise, we can help you quickly narrow down solutions, find the right partner, and ensure that your rollout is well planned and successful.   

Office Return Strategy & Planning.png
Hybrid In-Office Schedule Planning.png

Because associates are no longer coming into the office 5-days a week, many teams can benefit by coordinating their in-office time.  We have developed modeling and planning tools to streamline the hybrid schedule planning process.  In addition to ensuring teams are working together some of the time, the resulting schedule also provides visibility to associates across your organization as to who is scheduled to be working in-office on any given day.

Hybrid Program Recruiting Advantage.png

Once you have a hybrid approach (or planned approach) that has been well received by associates and leaders, it can be the foundation for a competitive advantage when recruiting top talent.  This engagement identifies the key advantages of your hybrid program and translates them into messages & material targeted for prospective hires, internal and external recruiters, and hiring managers.

Hybrid Policy & Guidelines Support.png

Often, during the gradual transition from pandemic required remote work to a Hybrid approach, program guidelines develop informally and inconsistently.  This can result in gaps and raise concerns of unfairness that frustrate associates and people leaders.  This engagement captures current written & unwritten guidelines, and recommends updates based on emerging best practices.  If desired, we can also assist you with the creation of a Hybrid policy or guidelines document or updating a current one.  

Contact us for more information or to schedule a call to receive a custom quote.

Areas we Support

Areas & Teams we Support

Hybrid work models have the potential to positively impact every area of an organization.  They also represent an opportunity for innovative leaders from across the organization to provide thought leadership and deliver enterprise-level strategic impact. 

HR Executives

The pandemic, concerns around retention, and the emergence of new ways of working have positioned HR and People Executives with the opportunity and charge to provide new levels of strategic impact around the topics of hybrid working, culture, and collaboration. 

We partner with HR executives to help them to extend the strategic impact and positive change they are making in their organizations.

Business Area Executives

The post-pandemic landscape has created historical challenges for business area leaders.  In addition, the needs of each area related to hybrid work options may vary significantly area to area. 

We provide business area leaders with a path to implement a balanced hybrid model to benefit retention, recruiting, collaboration and innovation.  In addition, having a defined plan and approach for hybrid allows you to right size your internal space costs. 

Chief Financial Officer, Finance Executives

The shift to hybrid work models was promised to result in major real estate cost savings for organizations.  Unfortunately, this has not materialized in many cases, or was done without confidence of how much space was truly needed.  

Our modeling tools greatly reduce variability and guessing.  The results are more accurate office space need projections, giving you the ability to plan & project real estate cost savings with more confidence. 

COO, Operations, Real Estate & Facilities

Pre-Pandemic, operational and facilities leaders were often faced with the dilemma of how much space the organization needed.  This challenge was made more difficult due to loose headcount options and inconsistent use of office space.  Our approach to Hybrid planning results in more accurate need projections and improved visibility to how space is being used in reality.

CIO, CTO, IT Executives

As a technology executive, your teams facilitated the urgent transition to remote work, allowing your organization to continue to operate.  While some of the solutions utilized for safe office return and desk/room booking are equipped for a post-pandemic, hybrid workplace model, most are not.  As we emerge from the pandemic, your teams have the opportunity to ensure your current workplace management software will meet the needs of the organization.  We can advise and assist with this; from requirements gathering and current system evaluation, to vendor selection, to rollout planning and oversight.

Administration Executives

In many organizations, the administrative leadership team planned & facilitated a safe and organized return to office during the pandemic.  The shift a more sustained hybrid work model provides an opportunity to transition from a pandemic return approach to a planned and organized hybrid workplace model.  We can help you make this shift, defining a program foundation and partnering with you to engage area leaders on a hybrid approach and parameters that best fit the needs of their respective areas.

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Topsail Advisors believes that each client has a unique set of needs and objectives and that, as a result, our first job is to listen and seek to understand.  Only then can a solution take hold and provide lasting value to an organization.

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