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Assessments, Modeling, and Analysis 

Office Return Survey & Approach Feedback

A survey designed to dive deeper into why associates are, or are not, choosing to come into the office.  Additionally, the survey tests ideas and approaches proven effective at other organizations to elevate employee interest in a Hybrid return to office.

Office Use Analysis & Reporting

The Office Use Analysis provides consolidated insights, across offices, of how many people are coming into your office(s), and how often.  The analysis output includes trends & key analytics, and allows drill down by location, area, department, team, or person. 

Hybrid Capacity Analysis & Modeling

A capacity analysis that models how many associates an office can support following your approach to hybrid and related seat allocation guidelines. Includes option for “what if” analysis to adjust hybrid approach parameters and compare the resulting capacity.

New Office Seating & Conference Needs  

For organizations considering a move to new space, or a reconfiguration of their current space, this analysis models the needed number of Office and Workstation seats based on your hybrid appraoch, as well as the estimated conference room needs based on key inputs gathered during the analysis.

Hybrid Cost Savings Analysis

If not well defined and managed, it can be difficult to identify when cost savings can or will be realized, and how much those savings will be.  The cost savings analysis will project savings based on both your current hybrid approach and provide a comparative analysis to other approaches. 

Engagement & Retention Risk Analysis

A data analysis incorporating multiple factors to identify associates that may be at higher risk for attrition.  

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